Build Your Profile and Content – Not Someone Else’s

A lot of people and businesses are creating huge amounts of content and interactions through social networks. This is great, but there are unsettled questions on who has ownership over that content, what unintended things are being done with that information and what happens if and when these social networks disappear…

“Building your business or profile on Facebook or any other social network is like building a high-rise building on quicksand. You never know when that sand might shift, change or disappear out from under you.”

Sunshine Coast Websites, powered by McCarthy-Wood Digital Media on the network have a solution for you at a very affordable entry price. For just $450 a year (under $1.25 a day) – You can have a website similar to this one.

Your website will be built using the same technology that CNN, The New York Times and (not that we really want to admit it) Justin Bieber use for their sites.

You get a professional website, not a do-it-yourself site that takes up all of your time and never really works properly and/or doesn’t get indexed by the search engines.

Also, the backend of your website is on a network of other sites, giving your online presence more potential and a platform that is fully maintained. This means you get to take advantage of the latest web technologies as they become available without having to be a tech genius.

Included in the package:

• A three page website similar to this one.
• One of those pages as a contact page like the one on this site.
• A blog or static front page.
• A customised banner for your site so it suites your brand.
• You can bring your own website address or we’ll register a .com for your site at no extra cost.
• All emails associated with that web address will be sent to a hotmail, gmail or whatever email service you use at no extra cost.
• Your site will be optimised for search engines including Bing and Google.
• 12 month premium listing in the directory valued at $360 (renewed each year the website fees are paid).

What other things can I do with the website once I get it?

That is pretty well limited by your imagination! If you see another website with a pretty cool feature you like, chances are, it can be enabled on your site.

If your organisation is a not-for-profit community group, you may be eligible for one of these websites at no cost as part of the McCarthy-Wood Community Care program.

For further customisation of your website on the network, you will need to engage an Network Approved Developer. They will be more than happy to assist you in further tailoring your website should you have specific requirements outside what is already included.

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