The Sunshine Coast SEO specialists.

We provide search engine optimisation solutions that drive real results, leads and sales, for your business.

The local search engine for searchers is Google.
It states that as many as 80% of searchers are looking for a product or service and a local suburb or city.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to get your business noticed online and help it succeed with Google, Bing, and other search engines, or more specifically pages of websites.

Ranking #1 is my number 1 goal for SEO Sunshine Coast. I focus on rankings for Sunshine Coast clients because they are my main goals.

Your business needs expert SEO help from our team if you want to get more enquiries from the power of the internet.

When it comes to digital marketing it’s all about being at the top of the search results pages. If you’re not, then you don’t have a chance to make money from your site. That’s why it’s important you speak to someone who knows the Sunshine Coast suburbs and can get you up there.

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if people can’t find you, they won’t buy from you. We’ll help you get found by giving you the information you need to set up your Google Places Page, and give you advice on how to optimise it for best results, as well as assist with your website’s organic seo results.

If you are targeting the Sunshine Coast, you need to understand that more competitive terms for cities take time. We have a number of clients ranking for not only Sunshine Coast searches but general keywords Australia wide in industries as competitive as Dental services, Finance, Brokering, Legal Services, House Cleaning and many more.

If you have a website for your business, you need search engine optimisation.

SEO is the ‘engine’ that drives your website to be found online. Without it, no matter how great your website is, it won’t be found.

We’re a Sunshine Coast boutique company that only takes on a limited number of clients at any one time so you’ll always get the personalised attention you deserve from a team that gets your site to the top of Google. We use our experience and skills to give you a unique website that gets your site noticed in the right places – and keeps it there.

As one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading SEO specialists, we provide search engine optimisation solutions to hundreds of local and international businesses.

Our approach is to use our skills to drive traffic to your website in a way that builds sustainable business. Our specialised SEO services include:

On-Page SEO

We optimise your content for search engines, helping your site rank higher and appear more often in search results.

Off-Page SEO

We work to improve your site’s profile on the internet and help it reach new customers.

Reputation Management: We take care of the things that can hurt your online reputation – like negative comments about you or your business, or bad reviews or articles online.

Local SEO Services

This is an area where we’re leading the way on the Sunshine Coast. We are experts in this field and will work with you to optimise your site for local keywords, helping you get the local traffic you’re after.

We’ll discuss your goals, what you want from an SEO solution, and how we plan to achieve these. From there we’ll go through the technical aspects of how we will achieve the goals, whether it is with a white hat or black hat approach.

SEO site audits

Our team will conduct a site audit to make sure your site is following best practices in terms of optimisation. From there we will provide you a report outlining any areas for improvement.  Why not get in touch today?  We’d love to hear from you.

Link building

We build links to help your site be found online.  Our link building packages are designed to help you generate links from relevant websites and blogs that are relevant to your business.

Full Suite SEO

We offer a full suite of search engine optimization services including Google Analytics integration, social media, and content marketing.

We provide regular reports on your progress.  These include monthly reports, monthly trend analysis, weekly rankings reports and monthly analysis reports.  We also provide customised reporting.

Content Creation

We produce content specifically for the types of keywords that will help your website rank higher in the search engines.