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As a pole dancing instructor, I know a lot about dance…but digital marketing, well, not so much!

The website Chris and his team created for my Pole Dancing studio just blew me away.
The design of the site allowed me to easily put up my photos, upcoming training classes, and also our training videos.

Now we have also expanded during COVID to sell pole dancing tutorials online with a membership. I made better money last year during COVID than I did prior!
COVID gave us the push to try something new, Chris made it happen with his web skills. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Pole Dance Instructor

Thanks guys! The site you built for my timber supplies business was top notch.

Not only am I beating my no 1 competitor (and rubbing it in his face!), but you showed me how to sell my timber products and tools online. My profit this year has gone through the roof! Why didn’t I think of selling online before? Ha ha

Thanks a million. Love your work.

Jason Craig
Quality Builder/ Top Bloke.

What a difference a good web designer makes!

After a horror story trying to get our website built by another Queensland web developer who took us for a ride, we were referred to Chris via Facebook. He took the time to listen and explain what we needed to do for us. Not only did it make complete sense, but the site we received was a work of art!

And we loved that we got to talk directly with the web designer on our project. I am sure the other agency had their designers somewhere overseas. They were never reachable!

Do happy with the final outcome.

Carol Parker

When we were planning to open our new beauty salon in Maroochydore we knew we needed a website to promote the business, with the idea to also manage bookings and sell beauty products, however we had no idea where to start.

I was referred by a friend to get my site built, and I am so glad I did! Not only did they take me through every step of the process in simple terms, but they also assisted with a digital marketing and social media strategy that had the phone ringing within a couple of days. The entire website was built in less than a week and was very affordable. Seriously, if you need help getting online with ecommerce, this is the local team for you.

Sarah J

I just needed a small website for my business to create some kind of online presence  for my plumbing business. However Chris took my business to the next level, making me look as big and professional as my biggest competitors.

And I an now getting a tonne of new business enquiries every day! I cant that these guys enough.

Gary Brown